JOIN BISHOP KEMME AT A DIOCESAN LISTENING SESSION: Bishop Kemme would like to hear your responses to the following three questions that will be posed at diocesan listening sessions:1) As a diocese, what do we do well? 2) As a diocese what could we be doing better? 3) As a diocese what should our pastoral priorities be for the next three to five years? The sessions will begin on Sunday, August 27, and be held in various locations around the diocese until the last one on Saturday, November 18. For a full listing of dates and places for the sessions, go to the “Listening Session” link under “Find It Here” on the homepage of our diocesan website ( On that page, you may also submit your written responses if you are unable to attend a listening session in person. To register to attend a session, please call the Chancery at 316-269-3900 or e-mail